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    How Many Types of Tea Are There?

    Call Them More than by Colors The following diagram presents all six types of tea in correspondence to Yin & Yang of which their fundamental behaviors reflect on, and to Three Factors (Tian, Di and Ren). There are two ways to determine Yin and Yang teas, which are fixation order and storing methods. Yin & Yang From the point of …

  • right teaware for right tea

    Right Teaware for Right Tea

    When it comes to brewing a perfect pot of loose leaf tea, the right teaware for right tea is a must-know. What teaware for right tea to use? Dao, Fa, Shu, Qi – “道 法 术 器” means philosophy, law, technique and tool that are the four levels of mastering anything man does. Tool for …

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    The History of Chinese Teaware

    Chinese Teaware Chinese teaware used in tea ceremony – A quick horizontal view of teaware use today group the ussage into two main purposes: The use of materials such as metal, various clay potteries and glass for brewing tea, drinking tea and storing tea. The use of materials such as bamboo, wood and stone tools …

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